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Our President's Message

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our meeting this month is the annual ‘Nuts and Bolts” exchange. Traditionally we have a panel of industry experts (attorneys or other experienced property managers), but this year, we will open the floor to ask questions and offer suggestions about best practices, tips and tricks on managing our properties, dealing with tenants and navigating laws and codes. We do this all the time by networking among our membership in and outside of our regular meetings and in the newsletter and in our Facebook group.


The nuts-and-bolts meeting is a meeting dedicated to all subjects and concerns. Bring your best ideas to share. When I first joined REOMA many years ago I wanted to be educated and learn from those with experience. I received more than my money’s worth of knowledge and continue to learn every time I interact with another member. The meeting on June 22nd is an opportunity to fill in the gaps for all our members.


Whether you are a new member or long-time member this is one of our favorite meetings. As you know by now if you’ve read my messages or heard me speak at our meetings, our industry is under constant threat from elected and non-elected government law and code enforcers. For the last several Nebraska Legislative sessions we have tried to hold off, change or pass bills that can affect our ability to make a profit in our business.


Through our membership in the Statewide Property Owners Association, we have asked for and are getting an opportunity to tell our story directly to state senators through an interim study this fall. An interim study is a meeting of senators and citizens to discuss an issue. Our issue is the Landlord Tenant Act which is the main law under which we must operate. Once we know the time and place for this meeting, we will let you know.


I will be working this summer preparing to present and testify in support of our industry. Some folks will want to promote some of the same changes we have been fighting and some new ones. We will offer some changes that will benefit our industry and tenants. You are welcome to participate, and I hope you do. The opposing team will be there in full force, and we must bring as many Landlord and Property Manager supporters as we can.


This is an opportunity, and we must take full advantage of and find some common ground rather than have a debate under threat of a bad law getting past us. Invite any potential new members as this will be a good opportunity to showcase the value of being a REOMA member. I will be out of the country this month, but Stacey Brandenburgh will do a great job as your Vice President. I’ll see you at our summer get together July 24, 2023 @ The Boat House Bar and Grill!

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