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Our President's Message

This month is our official “annual meeting” where we vote on the board of directors and corporate officers. The board has also proposed changes to the association constitution and by-laws including a code of ethics. They are further back in the newsletter on pages 4, 5, and 6. Please review both and be prepared to vote on these changes at our meeting on Thursday, May 23rd at Grata.


The code of ethics is very simple and spells out some common-sense statements of behavior for our members. There should be no objections to these statements as long as members are honest and fair in their business matters. We as a board believe this code of ethics will serve us well as we interact with the public and others interested in our industry.


The changes to the constitution and by-laws are simply to coordinate our way of operating with the written rules. For example, the number of board members has been 12 for a long time and the by-laws are different. There was probably a change voted on by the board long ago and we want to bring the rules up to date. In recent messages, I have discussed how we as an organization must be proactive in advocating for reducing the government's negative effect on the cost of doing business and in turn how much rent we must charge.


We can do this by engaging with political candidates and elected officials. For that reason, we as a board are re-dedicating our association to meet at least monthly with the people who can help our cause or whom we may influence to minimize proposed bad laws. In that light, we recently met with Lincoln City Councilman Bennie Shobe. Bennie is always interested in talking to our members about issues we can agree on as well as issues we can work on together. He told us that we have affected his position on proposed affordable housing solutions like rent control and source of income as a protected class.

He now has an appreciation for our business being a service to tenants and how we provide affordable housing through private contracts to rent private property. Fortunately, we along with other interested organizations like the Nebraska Realtors Assoc. and the Nebraska Bankers Assoc. were able to keep these bills from passing. But these bills and others like them will continue to be introduced in future sessions of the legislature. 

So, we invited Senator Dungan to come meet with us and discuss the issues we both have an interest in. He has the point of view of a “social justice” advocate and we have the point of view of “private property rights”. Our aim in meeting with him is to find common ground on points we agree about. Then try to educate him about our need to freely provide affordable housing and serve tenants.

Please be sure you come to this month’s meeting to vote and join us on June 20th to meet Senator Dungan.


Lynn Fisher

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