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About Us

REOMA stands for the Real Estate Owners and Managers Association of Lincoln, and was established in 1977 to serve the interests of Lincoln’s rental real estate community. We currently have approximately 130 individual members who represent the interests of over 7,000 residential units.

We meet nine months of the year, on the 4th Thursday of the month for a social hour, dinner, and informative program. There are no meetings in July, August, or December.

Typical program topics include: The Landlord Tenant Act, city regulations and laws, tax policies, how to find and retain good tenants, and more! We offer a monthly newsletter that provides members with an opportunity to advertise their properties and stay on top of the organization’s efforts.

Membership in REOMA is open to all rental real estate owners and managers, regardless of the number of units owned or managed. REOMA is your doorway to higher return on rental property. Join today!

Audience and Lecturer
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