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About Us

REOMA stands for the Real Estate Owners and Managers Association of Lincoln, and was established in 1977 to serve the interests of Lincoln’s rental real estate community.

REOMA is open to all rental real estate owners and managers, regardless of the number of units owned or managed. We currently have more than 130 individual members representing over 7,000 residential units in the Lincoln area.

REOMA dues are exceptionally low for a trade organization of our scope and caliber. A Regular Membership applies to all owners and/or managers of rental property. REOMA also offers an Associate Membership for those who supply goods and services to the rental real estate industry.

REOMA has a special "try before you buy" offer that allows you to experience all the camaraderie, contacts and cuisine of a typical monthly meeting before deciding to join.  Email and ask our secretary, for the time and location of the next REOMA meeting. Then, when you attend, you will be heartily welcomed by your fellow real estate professionals and you'll get a chance to see firsthand what REOMA is all about.

Audience and Lecturer
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